Coffee Bean Delights FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do We Do And How Are We Different?

We perfect the workplace coffee experience by providing quality gourmet coffee and coffee services. We do this by supplying a high-quality brewing system to your team, while our technicians service the machine free of charge. There are no convoluted contracts or long-term commitments, and you are only billed for how many cups you consume. We offer over 20 varieties of coffee and tea combinations.

Are the machines environmentally friendly?

Our units would be set up as totally environmental friendly – nothing goes back into landfills – which is not the case for many of our competitors! Just remove plastic stir sticks and /or replace with wood.

Are There Any Upfront Costs Or Commitments?

There is no cost to our clients for machine delivery, installation, first plumbing installation, basic supplies, and ongoing servicing and normal maintenance. We bill only after you have used our coffee services and only the actual number of cups your team has consumed. Our pricing model is on a “per-cup” basis with the differences in beverage prices principally due to ingredient costs. The advantage of a per-cup charge model is that you only pay for the beverages you consumed.

What Beverage Options Are Provided?

We can provide over twenty unique selections that suit every palette, from strong to mild, sweet to aromatic, full foam to minimal. You can change beverage options at any time or we can change them by the season, at no additional cost to you.

Do the machines come with cups?

The machines can dispense directly into coffee mugs and we strongly encourage this both for environmental/sustainability concerns and flavor as the wax coating in paper cups can melt into the beverage. We will also provide paper cups if requested.

Do the machines need water?

Filtered water is a critical component of a good, flavorful cup of coffee. Our machines can operate with autonomous water tanks but we strongly prefer arranging a direct water line connection with an inline filter. We handle the labour, supplies and cost of this for the installation of each machine as well as periodic filter replacement.

What size workplaces Do You Typically Service?

We have dispensing units that suit every consumption and placement need! We can provide vendor invoicing programs, stand or countertop models – from 20 to 300 cups a day.

How do you know when to refill the machine?

Our Systems provide full account management capabilities – we can accurately monitor every beverage that is served for invoicing and on-time product replacement.

What If I Change My Mind In The Future?

You can cancel at any time. No contracts or cancellation fees!

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